Pieces of Victoria

Wow! What a birthday present for our 4th birthday!

Pieces Of Victoria has nominated us as one of the best brunch spots in regional Victoria! Add to that we find ourselves alongside some of my favourite regional cafes from around the state, and what can I say? I’m a pretty happy camper! You can check out the article right here… and see who else made it onto the list.

Big thumbs up to the Livefast crew, you guys are really making this place something special. Its going to be an exciting season ahead with you guys rocking this little town with seasonal food and produce, and coffee to die for!

Whens the last time you brunched in Halls Gap? There’s never been a better time than now!


What’s the goss’ on everything else? Well do any of you remember the guys and girls from Faire Ferments? Silly me, of coarse you do! They are the ones brewing amazing pear cider made from fruit farmers cant sell due to nameless supermarket chains rejecting fruit they had previously agreed to buy… This amazing team is now working in conjunction with Alkira Organic Farm to produce sensational 100% organic Pink Lady apple cider! You’ve got to hand it to these guys, they are doing a brilliant job and supplying us with some pretty amazing liquid treats at the same time! Want to know more? Jump over to to get the full story!

photo 1

Candice McLeod, where have you gone?? Anyone who frequents our open mic night or comes by for a coffee will be aware of our local resident muso, Candice McLeod. Well, technically she’s not local, we pinched her from Queensland, but we will claim her as her own for now.. Candice joined us about a year ago and has been organising all our live music events, performed gigs herself, and even slaves away on the coffee machine like the rest of the Livefast crew! I’m sad to say, she is off on her next adventure now, returning back to the road on tour and her next ADVENTURE! You’ve done an amazing job here Candice and have really brought the next level of live music to Halls Gap. Thanks for your work, and make sure you swing by again soon.. Here’s a shot of Candice rocking the little Livefast stage with Benny Waker in her most recent gig.. Take care and see you soon!

photo 4

And one more thing on this Spring day’s web update… The Livefast Coffee Cruiser is ready… I’m off to Melbourne next week to pick her up from her cosmetic makeover, and I can’t wait to bring the coffee to YOU! Stay tuned, its going to be wild… Will & the Livefast crew…