Spring has sprung

A brand new season is upon us, loving the thought of warmer days, swimming in one of our beautiful lakes, and maybe even knocking back a cold craft beer or two!

As we kick off this month, check out our brand new menu (you’ll find it right here on the menu tab!), with an updated wine and beer offering. While we are all about the coffee at Livefast, we also have a passion for local wines, craft beer, and the best local and regional ingredients we can get our hands on! Its time to start getting out and about as the days become longer, and the mercury rises! Don’t forget, this time of year is perfect for wildflowers, hikes, fishing, cycling, and just about anything you can think of to do outside.. See you soon everybody, its warming up!

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Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!


Great little snow fall we have had lately, it certainly adds some excitement to the air in this part of the world! It makes it just a tiny bit hard to slave away behind the coffee machine while everybody else is frantically flinging snow balls at each other on top of one of The Grampians highest peaks! I’m fairly sure we all managed to sneak up the hill at some stage though, and it truly was beautiful, and quite amazing to see just how much the mountains transform with a sprinkle of snow. Spectacular and breathtaking, I love it!

After a three month break, we kicked off our monthly open mic night on the 31st of July. It was great to see it back in full swing, with a full house of guests and a handful of local musicians turning out on the wild wet windy night. We are certainly very lucky to have such an amazing pool of local talent at our doorstep. I must say a massive thank you to all that attended! To keep things interesting on the menu, we tried our first ever ‘Ciders and Sliders’ night too! Sliders are simply mini burgers for those that havnt stumbled across this suburban trend yet. It was very fun and the chefs did an amazing job of designing these gourmet little treats, they can be fiddly at the best of times, so well done to Bron and Federick for pumping them out under the pressure of a full house!


By the way, our lovely pastry chef Caro, who has been back to visit her home country of Germany, is back on deck and pumping out some sweet treats! All our cakes are home made, and Caro is doing an amazing job. She really has a passion for baking all things sweet. You have to get in and try some of my favourites, there’s Beesting cupcakes, Choc Ripple Cheesecake, Danish Dream cake, the list goes on! Thanks Caro for keeping the pastry cabinet so interesting and tempting, to a fault! On that note, I think I better go for a bike ride, run, kayak, or anything for that matter, its beautiful out here today and I have been sampling wayyyyy too many delicacies from this kitchen!


Catch you soon everybody! Will & The Livefast Crew