What a view on Winter!

Winter is here and despite the cold, its definitely one of my favourite times in the Grampians! The walking trails are virtually deserted, the scent of camp fire smoke hangs over the town, the mornings are fresh and the days sunny and crisp! Not a bad time to get out and explore! Speaking of which, one of our team has been doing just that. Amanda’s been up to Mt Rosea and back with one of our new keep cups and snapped this shot just for kicks! Its a pretty hefty hike, but the view is spectacular and well worth the effort, when will we see YOU up there? Do you happen to have any awesome photos of your very own Livefast KeepCup in a beautiful remote location? Send it through to us at and we will share it up here on the site, we’d love to see them!

Livefast Lookout