Beauty and the Winter Beast

espresso martinisWhat a Winter it has been so far! Still, its got to be one of the most beautiful times of the year in the Grampians, and a good time to toy around with delicious treats like espresso martini’s! Just for kicks we thought we might try making these on one of our latest music nights, and I have to say they were a hit! Certainly a little more cosmopolitan than this sleepy little town is used to anyway!

Speaking of music nights, its nearly time for our Open Mic night to return after a three month break! We will be kicking this off again on the 31st of August, and will keep on rockin’ it on the last Thursday of every month till further notice! We are planning on doing something a little different for the menu for this one too, stay tuned for a special one off Cider and Sliders night! Mini burgers of the gourmet variety anyone?

Another little bit of excitement recently came in the form of snow on our highest peak here, Mount William! It was well worth braving the chilly breeze on the hike up the hill, and I managed to snap this shot after some cheating little monkeys in a Parks Victoria vehicle four wheeled their way up the hill in heated comfort! With a bit of luck it wont be the last of the snow this year, its well worth checking out when it does fall!

We hope to see you all soon for more music, food and drinks, its definitely coffee drinking weather! Will & The Livefast Crew!

photophoto 5