Where does the time go?

Where DOES the time go? And where do I begin on what’s been happening lately?

Well to begin with, I am proud to announce that Livefast Lifestyle Caf√© turns 4 years old this October 4th! Its hard to believe how fast this time has flown, and I have to say a big thanks to all the staff, customers, friends and supporters over this time! Given the spate of bad luck our home has faced in the last 4 or more years (a couple bushfires, locusts, floods, landslides, and some minor earth quakes thrown in for good measure), its amazing to still be here! We have weathered the storm and come out the other side! Hopefully many more years of evolution and growth to come, and a sunset or two thrown in for kicks… cheers ūüėČ

photo 5

What else is news? Well, the Livefast Coffee Crusier has nearly¬†completed a cosmetic¬†makeover.. Some of you may remember this at Run The Gap this year? A shifty looking blue 78′ FJ45 LAndcruiser adorned with a mobile coffee set up? Well we decided it was time to give the old girl a fresh lick of paint… Any day now she will be ready to start appearing at an event near you, in a fresh coat of gorgeous paint… not too far to go! A big thanks to¬† Paul @ PJ’s Panels in Keysborough for the incredible work he does with restorations, big thumbs up to this guy!photo 4photo 3

The Spring menu has been a big success too, we really are on a roll¬† and spoilt here with options thanks to the fantastic team in the kitchen. Flavour is the spice of life and¬†there’s some pretty amazingly flavoursome¬†craft beer and local wine on offer, its a hard choice knowing what to put on the menu, but somebody must do the testing I suppose.. if I have to (he he he) After something different this month? How about a honey wheat beer from my temporary stomping grounds of Mildura.


Food wise, Bron has been creating our seasonal menus here for the last 12 months or so, and does an amazing job of meeting my sometimes (ok, mostly) wacky demands.. We are lucky to have you Bron, its great to have you here making such a brilliant contribution to the café.. Jump across and check out our Spring menu! Pancakes anyone?

I’ve said it before, but it must be said again, Caro, how do you¬†come up with¬†these cakes? Nutella cheesecake? Tequilla Lime Cupcakes? The girl certainly has a passion for baking, and it shows through in every cake that graces our cabinet… Very lucky caf√© owner right here to be part of such a unique and diverse team.

Do you see what I’m getting at? Four years down, and we have only made it this far thanks to YOU! The staff, the customers, the friends and the supporters! It takes a whole team of incredible individuals to get this far… So thank you guys n gals.. Its been a pleasure, and I look forward to what the future may hold! Love your work.. Will & the Livefast crew..