2017, A truly adventurous year!

So it’s been a loooooooong time in between web updates.. Guilty as charged.

I’m not sure how to justify this, I guess life simply gets busy and we get carried off with the adventures along the way! While the web updates have been infrequent, our social media has been healthily keeping everyone up to date on the ins and outs of Livefast Café life – so if you don’t follow us on Facebook or Instagram yet, I suggest you go have a peek!

2017 has since some great changes in the café, with a lot of staff coming and going, each person bringing their own personal energy to the business. We’ve had some great chefs cooking up amazing meals, and some fun along the way with incredible live music and staff fun days… I don’t think I’ve ever experienced anything more enjoyable than a staff member dropping out a plane on their first skydive! 

The business has continued to grow, even after seven years, and I have now been able to employ a sensational manager to help keep the creativity and quality high. A fresh set of eyes and new ideas go a long way in the constantly evolving café culture that is booming across the world right now. As a result of no longer being a one man army (well, I have always supported by a brilliant team of staff),  I myself have managed to step back a little and focus on life outside of Livefast. Since its inception, I always wanted the cafe to be a reflection and collaboration of my work and life, a seamless balance between work and play. Having said that, it’s unbelievably nice to escape more often and enjoy some quiet time, or a sunset in the mountains. A little time away to help quiet the mind and focus on what’s important. A fresh perspective. 

We’ve been extremely lucky to enjoy so much amazing music this year, with artists coming from all over the country to share their passion and stories. It just seems to get better every single year, so a massive thank you to all our guests and customers for supporting live music and making it possible to invite such talent to the region. We have even more gigs planned for 2018, so watch this space to see who’s coming next!

There isn’t much time left till we will be counting down the last few seconds of 2017, and I’m really amazed at just how great it was in the Grampians. It might be an overly sheltered little town, hidden from the stresses and hazards of the real world, but it’s a great place to call home – or escape for a weekend adventure. More and more local produce is popping up in the region, which makes it so much more rewarding (and delicious) for the kitchen team to keep bringing you such amazing dishes! Craft beer, local wine, specialty coffee, it’s all part of the Livefast picture. Life’s far too short to not enjoy the finer things in life and take a risk when opportunities come your way. It makes me wonder what next year might bring.. I already know a few of the exciting changes we have planned for you all in early 2018, but what else might be in store?

It’s been a pleasure sharing 2017 with you, so a massive thanks to the customers, our wonderful staff, and everyone else who made the year what it is. Get out, enjoy the last few weeks, run, explore, discover, eat some great food, find a wicked-awesome place for coffee, and take a risk on something that might have otherwise challenged you. New year ahead… Rock on!! Will & the Livefast Crew